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Five Cybersecurity Things You Need to Know

Outsourced IT support, also known as managed IT, is a specific third-party service which provides infrastructure, software, and other technological support to businesses. You may also hear this kind of business referred to as an ISP or managed system provider. An organization can rent IT support from a professional managed service provider, or they can hire IT support professionals in their own organization.

There are many advantages of employing IT support professionals rather than hiring in-house IT staff. Many of these pros are available at a lower cost than the cost of hiring an in-house member of staff. However, even if you do decide to hire someone within your organization to provide IT help, there are some important things you should consider before making the decision.

One thing to consider when interviewing potential IT help is whether or not the provider uses the Windows Server licensing model.

Many IT help desk professionals to use Microsoft products because it fits their work style more closely. To learn more about other licensing models available for this help desk service, please visit Solutions Explorer.

A managed service provider should be flexible with IT policies and guidelines.

For example, a third-party provider may need to implement certain processes before they can provide IT help. They should be willing to work with you on any aspect that you may find to be a problem. Some managed support options use only third-party servers, which can make it difficult for an organization’s data to reach the IT professional who is providing IT services. If you choose to outsource to a managed service provider that uses a Windows server, it can also have a negative impact on the organization’s network infrastructure.

Before choosing a managed service provider, many organizations fail to realize the benefits of hiring a managed service provider that utilizes Windows servers. The use of Windows is a requirement for many large organizations, including those that provide IT services. Large organizations have a need for reliability, security, and scalability. A Windows-based IT service provider uses Windows Server in order to provide these benefits to their clients. Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are two of the most popular programs used by many companies in large organizations, which allows them to incorporate data into their email databases.

Many service providers offer Windows Server licensing discounts for organizations that use this Microsoft product in their managed support services.

In addition, many IT service providers offer technical training services for their clients. These services can help your business understand the software and hardware that are included with their Windows-based products. With this IT help desk software and hardware, your business can optimize its IT resources, including network infrastructure.

An advantage that many IT administrators notice is the reduction of man hours involved with using Windows-based equipment. Some people notice a 20% decrease in man hours when they use Microsoft Exchange for their business needs. An increase in the number of new email accounts can also reduce the amount of time administrators spend responding to customer emails. When administrators are able to devote more time to improving the design and functionality of the company network, the results can be seen in a boost in employee productivity and satisfaction. Most IT service companies that use Windows Servers in their managed support services provide these benefits to their clients.

There are other benefits that businesses that use Microsoft Exchange will notice. Most IT administrators will find that the ability to access MS Outlook is greatly reduced when using the Windows based exchange program.

  • Accessing MS Outlook through a Windows server means that all employees are able to be on the same page at all times.
  • This can make it easier for your staff members to get information from one another, while reducing the amount of time spent searching for important documents.
  • It also makes it easier for your IT support staff to get information about upgrades or changes to the company network without having to sort through files on the Exchange server.
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