Black Friday – Let’s Get More Creative in 2020

Although we are still wondering what exactly will Black Friday look like in 2020, we do have a hint of what this year’s and future Black Fridays may look like.

Are you hunting for deals through augmented reality or going through the triumph of returning QR codes? Here, we have reviewed notes from past years and kept future in view, and made a list of many possibilities. 

No more in-store shopping

Some particular stores have decided pre hand that their doors will remain closed on Thanksgiving, so, it isn’t easy to imagine shopping inside as we might expect the same decision on Black Friday. Don’t expect that you may go inside a physical store and look at different deals, our predictions are, the stores will be shut and once again, online shopping will take its place.

The curbside pickup will stay

The biggest changes that came to reality during the pandemic were the options of curbside pickups. It won’t be any different on Black Friday. The days are long gone when you could have your stuff delivered to your car. It is more advantageous as you can receive your shopping on the same day you shop, instead of waiting for the shipping to arrive.

There may be a lottery system coming up

In spite of physical shopping restrictions, retailers might try finding a workaround. Maybe a possible lottery system could be invented where you’re able to either win or purchase a specific time slot to shop for yourself without mingling with the crowd. It can become a setup of 10 or more people to go to a store and have specified half an hour of shopping time to themselves.

This may turn out to be a better option compared with the older systems where you’d have to wait in the queue for long intervals to even enter the shop. There is designated time though this system and you get to go straight inside. You can even shop for a new mattress in this year’s Black Friday mattress sale.

You’ll be refreshing your pages more often

Prepare yourself for possible technical problems as you shop online, with thousands of others at the same time. Expect for web-stores to be slower than usual or even crash due to high traffic.

There will also be a few challenges with the remaining stock of particular items. Although this is something we’ve been through pre-COVID, prepare yourself to fight for the last item in virtual mode all the thanks to the only option of online shopping on Black Friday. It is better to plan ahead and list down what you need so that you add the items to your cart and buy before anything goes out of stock.

There may be better deals this year

As we all know already, 2020 is extremely vile. Our anticipation is that retailers and store owners may try making up for it by introducing good deals and discounts, especially since we cannot go and shop in a physical store. Considering that fact that we may not be able to see any ‘in-store’ deals this year which means, most of these doorbuster deals might be available on the virtual store so that people get encouraged to shop from the safety of their homes.

The thought of an online Black Friday is getting all the way better- you get the comfort of shopping right from your couch, post devouring into the delicious turkey!